FCI Bank

 Investment Banking and Advisory Services

FCIBL is one of the leading investment bank in Pakistan providing financial services/advisory to a broad and diversified client base including WAPDA, corporates, SMEs and individuals.

We provide a complete suite of investment banking services as follows.

Debt Arrangements

Short Term and Long Term Finance Facility (Conventional and Islamic)

Trade related Facilities such as L/C, Contract, Pledge etc.

Term Finance Certificates

Islamic Finance Facility such as Sukuk, Diminishing Musharakah, Lease etc.

Receivable Discounting/Securitization

Project Financing

Equity Arrangements

Initial Public Offering/GEM Listing/Direct Listing

Right Share Offering

Private Placement/Secondary Market Offering

Convertible Issue

Shares Buy Back

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger/Reverse Merger

Leverage Buyout/Takeover

Divestiture/Spin Off/Carve Out

Corporate and Financial Restructuring

Other Services

Treasury/Fund Management (Where to invest, how to invest, trade related advisory etc)

Information Memorandum/Feasibility Study

Financial Modeling