FCI Bank

Money Market Brokerage House


  1. Inter-bank Foreign Exchange Market Brokerage:

This would entail brokering deals between Authorized Exchange Dealers (Banks) for the sale and purchase of Pak Rupees against US Dollars or vice versa on the Ready, Spot, Forward and Swap counters, besides 3rd Currency Exchange deals.

  1. Inter-bank Money Market Brokerage:

This essentially consists of rendering matchmaking, between FCIBL’s Clients, with respect of their respective sale, purchase and Repo transactions relating to Government securities of varying maturities and Treasury Bills (T-bills).


Other securities include Sukuks, Term Finance Certificates (TFCs) and commercial Paper. FCIBL also assists its Clients in Placement and Borrowing of Funds in Call or Term Market, both on a Clean.

  1. Islamic Institutions’ Desk- Soon to be launched

FCIBL intends to provide Sharia-compliant Brokerage Services to customers through our Islamic Desk.