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Products Features

Product Features:

The salient features of the offered product are:

  1. The product is available for salaried and non salaried individuals who may also avail  income tax rebates against their investment in mutual funds
  2. The financed units along with the units purchased through self financing would be pledged with FCIB.

  3. Financing upto 90% of investment in the fund units/ Government Securities will be allowed.

  4. Fund Managers may also participate in the scheme on the terms acceptable to FCIB

  5. Facility would be for tenor from 1 month to 24 months. Premature repayment would be subject to penalties 

  6. Markup to be recovered on quarterly basis through post dated cheques which would be obtained prior to disbursement.

  7. Per party ceiling is Rs.5 million (Rupees Five Million Only)

  8. Only FCIB’s standard documents are accepted. Document charges will be borne by borrower.

  9. Compliance with relevant SECP regulations and FCIB Credit Policy would be observed

  10. The Margins on the collateral value will be as follows:

Type of collateral /security

Minimum Margin


Product of Asset Management Companies

(Conditions apply)


National Saving Certificates

            10 %



    11.    Units issued by the collective schemes(funds) managed by Asset Management Companies on the approved list of FCIB will be accepted